Imagination is more important than knowledge. - Albert Einstein

Omar Damiani starts developing web applications in 1999 while attending college; in the same period he approaches to development and VB6 and VBA.
In 2002 left the university to participate in a major project that involves the development of a management application in VB6.

In 2005 the turning point: switch to .Net, learning the basics of programming model with ASP.Net and VB.Net.
Since 2006 he is an independent professional and deals with development and consulting of .Net applications and components, with a preference for web projects. In the same period the "meeting" with SharePoint (wss 2.0 and SPS2003) learning the basics of collaborative platform.
In 2007 it is certified MCTS development with WSS 3.0 and start exploring different aspects related to it reaching even to OBA and SilverLight.

The last burst in 2009: beginning the deep collaboration with Managed Designs with the learning (and sometimes the teaching) of Domain Driven Designs, Test Driven Designs and latest developing and business standard models.